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Cellular Essentials 2.0 - Support

Cellular Essentials Version 2.0- Support If you have a problem with your Cellular Essentials Software, we are happy to help you. Please always check first which version you are using - shown in the "Info" window - and send as accurate a description of the error as possible (indicate the operating system, type of handset and connection (cable or infrared) you are using, as well as the individual steps taken which led to the error; please also indicate the error message) by e-mail (support department); we will send you a reply within 1-2 working days. Please do not forget to specify your telephone number, as well, because in some cases, a telephone call can solve the problem faster. Do also check in the table of handsets supported by Cellular Essentials below if your mobile phone is listed in this table before you contact our support department. Thank you.

Cellular Essentials and the infrared interface

Infrared via IrDA

Almost all new Nokia® mobile phones (62xx, 7110, 82xx handsets) support the IrDA interface which is installed by default in all follow-up versions of Windows 98 if an infrared interface is located. Older Windows 95 versions do not have an IrDA interface, i.e. the appropriate up-date has to be downloaded from Microsoft and installed.

The Windows-specific infrared monitor must correctly identify the activated cellular phone (first select menu-9 on your mobile phone in order to activate the integrated infrared interface), it is not necessary to activate the option "Install software for Plug and Play devices within range" at the infrared monitor (only if you would like to connect your mobile phone e.g. to the Internet, as well), because Cellular Essentials does not need any driver to communicate with your cellular phone. Please check if you have activated the option "Infrared via IrDA" of Cellular Essentials.

Infrared in handsets of the 61xx series

Unfortunately, the infrared interface of the 61xx series of cellular phones is not IrDA-compatible. Therefore, the program only can set up an infrared connection to this series of cellular phones if the "Generic Ir Serial Port" can be found - shown under Start->Options->System->Device-Manager->Connections. In the case of Windows 95, this interface was installed by default if an infrared port was located; in Windows 98 and the follow-up versions, an IrDA driver is installed automatically but cannot be used to communicate with mobile phones of the 61xx series. However, a Generic Ir serial Port can be installed even with Windows 98 using a trick. In order to use the infrared interface of a mobile phone of the 61xx series you have to choose "Options->Infrared (61xx)" of Cellular Essentials.

Cellular Essentials and the serial interface

If you already have a data cable, e.g. for using the Nokia® Data-Suite, you can also use this cable with Cellular Essentials. If you do not have a cable yet, you can either order the Cellular Essentials Software inclusive of the data cable (special reduced offer), or purchase the data cable without the software.

Update of the Windows Common Control Library

If you have problems in displaying the various buttons in the toolbar of the Cellular Essentials Software (sometimes occurring in conjunction with error messages while loading the phone book), you must update your Windows system to the latest version, since older versions of the Windows-internal Common Control Library show some errors. There is a link to this update on our download page.

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