Next Generation Intelligent LCDs

  • Perfect Screen Layouts
  • Easy-to-Use Control
  • No Development Costs

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The iLCD product range includes intelligent displays from 2.8" to 10.2".


iLCD Manager XE - the setup, configuration and management IDE for iLCDs.


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Smart & Easy

The iLCD Manager XE is the IDE for setup, configuration and management the iLCDs. This integrated development environment is comfortable, simple to use and further accelerates LCD developments. It supports the entire iLCD product line, allowing for a seamless migration and continuation of existing projects.

The iLCD Manager XE is completely free of charge. You may try out this software even without having any iLCD hardware yet.


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The DPP-T57 | DPP-C57 5.7" panel is the bestseller of demmel product's iLCD product line. Properties like a compact size, high brightness and a VGA resolution make it the ideal candidate for medium-sized high-end equipment. The 5.7" iLCDs with resistive or capacitive touch panel are deployed in applications like medical devices, machine tools or access control systems.

DPP-T57 | DPP-C57

“The iLCD technology enables us to design our products exactly according to our ideas with small effort.”

Wolfgang Illich, Division Manager Series Products

One-Stop Solution

Get an idea of how demmel products is defining intelligent displays. Our software for setup, configuration and management, combined with our well equipped intelligent LCD panels result in a real smart system.

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Why iLCD

Nowadays in times of esthetic and functional screen layouts, well known by users of mobile phones and organizers, people are expecting an informative and attractive graphic display layout on their heating or machine controls, instead of just a simple text display.

The use of proportional fonts and graphical elements, like animated icons, cause very high development costs, and require a costly micro controller with more memory and processing speed to satisfy the additional requirements for the LCD control.

Using the iLCD product family dramatically cuts the development costs on one hand, on the other hand, you can still use a low cost micro controller or any SPS, as all required fonts, static and animated graphics, text templates and macros can be easily stored to the flash memory of the iLCD Controller via the iLCD Manager XE, our free setup and management software. Even complex screen layouts can be controlled by sending a few bytes then.