iLCD Accessories

Boards, Cabling & More.

The following overview shows our accessories. These are boards that can be connected to the iLCD using FFC cables to use various peripherals, such as RS232, GPIOs and Ethernet. The new Starter Kit offers useful sensors suitable for developing your hardware.

Pins Bestell-Nr. USB Serial Ethernet Buzzer PoE [V] Misc PS 1)
20 DPA-PCBUSB-20 Type B     x     P
24 DPA-PCBUSB-24 Type B     x     P
20 DPA-PCBRS232-20 Type B x   x     P
24 DPA-PCBRS232-24 Type B x   x     P
30 DPA-TCPIP     x       P
30 DPA-TCPIP-POE-33     x   3.3   P
30 DPA-TCPIP-POE-50     x   5.0   P
14 DPA-SD-EXT           FFC to SD-Card Slot P
µSD DPA-SD-EXT-N           SD to Micro SD P
20 DPA-FFCI-20             P
24 DPA-FFCI-24             P
24 DPS-SB Type C         Sensors and RGB P

x = "function is supported"

1) Produktion status (PS): P = In production / N = not for new designs / E = end of Life / S = samples available / C = currently unavailable