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2.8" iLCD Panel with resistive Touch Screen 240x320 Pixel

2.8" iLCD Panel with resistive Touch Screen 240x320 Pixel

  • DPC3050 32-bit iLCD controller
  • 2 MByte flash memory for user data
  • Single 5 Volt (optional 3.0 Volt) power supply
  • USB port
  • RS232 port with 3.0 Volts
  • I²C port and SPI port
  • Controls up to 16 digital outputs
  • Controls up to 16 digital inputs
  • 4 analog inputs with 12-bit resolution
  • Controls 2 relays or speaker/buzzer, PWM output
  • Controls a keyboard matrix with up to 128 keys
  • Real-time clock with battery backup



2.8" iLCD Panel with resistive Touch Screen 240x320 Pixel | Part No. DPP-CTS2432

Our smallest color iLCD panel measuring only 50x69x8 mm (without mounting brackets) has nearly all of the features of the larger models and is fully software and hardware compatible. Please note that the Java VM only runs on the larger iLCD panels with DPC3090 controller.

The DPP-CTS2432 iLCD panel contains the 32-bit iLCD controller DPC3050 and has 2 MByte flash memory for images, text, fonts and macros on board. As any other color iLCD panel this model can be used in 90°, 180° or 270° mode as well enabling you to select the most-wanted landscape mode with 320x240 pixel via an appropriate software command.

The excellent TFT display with high brightness and contrast shows your graphics either with full 16-bit color depth or with 8-bit (with 16-bit color palette created by the setup software automatically) color depth. As seen on all other iLCD panels, animated images (color GIF images) can be displayed easily within minutes.

An evaluation kit with extra PCB with FFC connectors and flat-cables plus all other required cables including a power supply and software on CD is available.

 108,00 excl. tax
€ 129.6 incl 20% tax

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