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iLCD Linux Mainboard (i.MX93)

iLCD Linux Mainboard (i.MX93)


  • 1,7-GHz-dual-core-processor i.M93 by NXP
  • 16GB flash memory for application data
  • 1GB RAM by default (optionally 512MB - 2GB)
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 module
  • Supply with 5V or 7-30V
  • Ethernet (RJ45 or FFC connectors)
  • CAN Bus
  • USB Type-C (power supply)
  • USB Type-A (host operation)
  • RS232-Port with 3.3 Volt
  • I²C-Port and SPI-Port
  • Audio Output
  • Further I/O Ports for various applications
  • Battery powered real-time clock
  • MicroSD-holder on-board
  • Measurements: 160.0x99.96x15.5mm

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iLCD Linux Mainboard


The i.MX93 is the more economical cousin of the i.MXM8 Plus. Thanks to the freely modifiable Yocto-Linux operating system, intuitive and high-performance user interfaces - similar to smartphones - can be developed.

The Linux Mainboard is our most flexible solution, as it can be connected to a wide variety of displays, either via mini-HDMI or by using our X-boards. These are displays from demmel products which can be connected in a plug-and-play fashion.

With our displays razor-sharp and colorful images are ensured by the use of high-resolution, super-bright IPS LCDs, whic. To minimize optical quality loss while ensuring optimal functionality, the PCAP touch panel is optically bonded and allows the use of up to 4mm cover glass. Furthermore, the iLCD Linux impresses with its slim form with a thickness of only 15.5 mm. This helps with the design especially when space is limited. External communication can be realized via USB, Ethernet, I²C, SPI and I/Os. Cooling is often a critical factor for high-performance processors. The DPP-LMB-93 can still be cooled passively thanks to its low power consumption.

Of course, the iLCD Linux series offers classic, already well-known industry standards. We guarantee long-term availability for both the SoM and the display. On request we offer an extended operating temperature range from -20 to +70 degree celsius.

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