LCD Pure

LCD Pure is our series of displays without controller


demmel products introduces the high-end LCD Pure series


With LCD Pure, demmel products capitalizes on its long-standing expertise to bring you industrial displays with outstanding quality at a competitive price, on top of quick delivery times as a trusted EU distributor.

The LCD Pure series comprises displays without controllers in 5 sizes from 3.5'' to 10.1''.

To faciliate our displays' integration even further, we have introduced our LCD Pure X series. On the LCD's backside, we have mounted a PCB with all the necessary components regarding display control, communication with display and touch and even the power supply. The connection to your LVDS supported, external board is made via one single flex-pcb cable that was specially designed by us. This will significantly lower your development effort. Further, our PCB comes with four handy mounting brackets, which allows you to install our displays in a fast and easy way.

Each size is available in three versions: No Touch, Resistive Touch and Capacitive Touch, with the latter boasting optically bonded touchpanels. In addition, we offer customized solutions starting at a MOQ as low as 500 pcs., which include coverglass extensions incl. adhesive tape and colored logo prints, among other customizations.

Every LCD Pure and LCD Pure X display comes with the following high-end qualities:

  • High Brightness for readability in sunlight
  • IPS displays (85/85/85/85)
  • Operating Temperature -20 to +70 degree celsius
  • High Resolution for displays from 4.3'' to 10.1''

Standard delivery times are only 8-10 weeks.


LCD Pure Overview


LCD Pure X Overview


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