LCD Pure

LCD Pure is our series of displays without controller


demmel products introduces the high-end LCD Pure series


With LCD Pure, demmel products capitalizes on its long-standing display expertise to bring you outstanding quality at a competitive price, on top of quick delivery times as a trusted EU distributor.

The LCD Pure series comprises displays without controllers in 5 sizes from 3.5'' to 10.1''.

Each size is available in three versions: No Touch, Resistive Touch and Capacitive Touch, with the latter boasting optically bonded touchpanels. In addition, we offer customized solutions starting at a MOQ as low as 500 pcs., which include coverglass extensions incl. adhesive tape and colored logo prints, among other customizations.

Every LCD Pure display comes with the following high-end qualities:

  • High Brightness for readability in sunlight
  • IPS displays (85/85/85/85)
  • Operating Temperature -20 to +70 degree celsius
  • High Resolution for displays from 4.3'' to 10.1''

Standard delivery times are only 8-10 weeks.