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DCD-MX35x (320x240)

DCD-MX35x (320x240)

  • RGB Interface
  • 3.5" diagonal
  • Resolution: 320x240
  • High Brightness: 550cd/m²
  • IPS Display (85/85/85/85)
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +70 degree celsius
  • Optically Bonded Touchpanel (for DCD-MX35C)


Standard delivery time of 8-10 weeks

Custom solutions starting at a MOQ of 500 pieces


3.5" LCD panel with/without touch screen (320x240px)

PART NO. DCD-MX35C (Capacitive Touch) | DCD-MX35T (Resistive Touch) | DCD-MX35 (No Touch)

Enjoy the benefits of this excellent 3.5" TFT display. Thanks to its IPS technology it guarantees optimal readability from any viewing angle. With the LED-backlight's luminance of 550cd/m² the display is sunlight readable, making it perfect for outdoor applications.
By default all our PCAP touch panels are optically bonded, which keeps the images, graphics & videos crisp and the colors vivid. At the same time, our touch controller with the optically bonded touch panel allows the use of up to 4mm cover glass.

With LCD Pure, demmel products has launched a high-end series of LCD display panels. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-end displays at competitive prices with quick delivery.

Starting at a MOQ of 500 pieces, we offer customized display solutions. These comprise various coverglass extensions with an optional adhesive tape on the inner surface, so that the LCD can easily be bonded on an application. Furthermore, logos and other colored images can be printed on the display, to enhance your brand recognition and marketing. For further information on custom solutions, please contact us directly.

For further details please see the datasheets!

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