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New sunlight readable intelligent LCDs

demmel products presents the next 4.3“ iLCD generation. The display’s outstanding brightness of 1000cd/m2 makes the new DPP-ST43 easily readable even in direct sunlight.

Your company offers outdoor applications or devices that need to be operated under light-intense conditions? The demand for high brightness touch-displays is growing rapidly, while the industrial sector is now expecting not only an efficient but an user friendly interface.

By launching the new DPP-ST43, demmel products will satisfy the needs for high-end visualization devices in the industrial sector and continuously expands their product portfolio.

1000cd/m2 of luminance will allow a brilliant display image even under extreme lighting conditions.
The 4.3“ panel comes with a 480x272 resolution and is fully compatible with the existing DPP-T43.

As with all our products, DPP-ST43’s set-up, configuration and administration is carried out with the free of charge, easy to use iLCD Manager XE.
With the integrated JavaVM the display can manage the user interface (HMI) as well as an external hardware. There is no need for an additional external microcontroller (MCU).

Contact us for sample inquiries of our new ultra-bright iLCD by the end of the year before series production goes live in the first quarter of 2021.

Further, we are delighted to announce a high-resolution version of our 4.3“ iLCD coming out in the second quarter of 2021. This display, equipped with a high-resolution 800x480 IPS TFT-display with an extra wide viewing angle, makes a perfect match for any high-quality graphic user interface.

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