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iLCD Features - Unicode Fonts, formatted Text, Graphics, Images, Screens, Touch Screen Support - iLCD Display Control

iLCD Features

Develop your esthetic and functional screen layout with the help of pushbuttons, fonts, static and animated graphics and text templates. Control the touchscreen of your intelligent display via comfortable commands.

Connect your iLCD to your application via RS232, USB, I²C, SPI, RS422/485 or TCP/IP.

demmel products gmbh: The iLCD Panels Produkt Line. Intelligent Displays from 2.8" up to 10.2"

iLCD Panels

All our iLCD panels are industrial-grade intelligent displays with a very fast and powerful 32-bit iLCD controller. Together with the huge flash memory of up to 128 MByte for storing images, text strings, fonts and macros you are equipped for any demands.

The iLCDs use all the same command set and perform the necessary I/O-tasks, which simplifies your design-in dramatically.

iLCD Evaluation Kits with iLCD Panel with Touch Screen, Cabling, Power Supply, microSD Card Set and CD

Evaluation Kits

Evaluation kits are intended to be used with iLCD panels and modules requiring a separate board for connecting. In addition to the adapter board, the kit contains all required cables, a regulated switcher power supply plug-in adapter, a CD and a microSD card with adapters.

iLCD Accessories - Interface Boards with plugs and FFC Cables and Power Supply

iLCD Accessories

Our accessories facilitate and support your work with the iLCDs.

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