Yocto Linux OS

The Future of Display Computing

Sophisticated Applications, freely configurable

Yocto Linux OS

Our Linux iLCDs feature a freely modifiable Yocto Linux OS, which has established itself as the preferred system for embedded systems configuration in recent years. The Yocto Project allows the user to build the entire display as a Linux distribution themselves using the various methods and tools included. This enables highly specific customization of the application to meet different needs. Compared to prefabricated applications, this provides extended scope, albeit with a certain degree of complexity. However, experience has shown that users are extremely efficient once they have become familiar with Yocto. A major advantage is the structured and uniform approach, which makes it easier to implement applications and projects that build on one another and can be applied to a wide variety of applications. . Thanks to hardware independence, the control functions can also be optimally transferred and adapted to the respective device.

Design your HMIs

With the help of various design tools you can create your screen layout yourself or have it developed.
We at demmel products recommend the use of Candera CGI Studio.