iLCD Features

Save Effort, Time and Money with iLCD.

iLCD - I/O Ports

In addition to the display control, the iLCD Controllers carry out all necessary I/O based tasks, thus allowing for further simplification of your hardware design:

  • Keyboard matrix scanning for up to 128 keys
  • Controlling of up to 16 outputs/LEDs (on/off/blink with user selectable blink frequency) and 16 inputs
  • Up to 4 ADC inputs for analog measurements
  • Fully customizable assignments of inputs, outputs and keyboard columns
  • Controlling of 2 relays
  • Alternative to the relays: PWM outputs (e.g. for speaker or buzzer)
  • Adjustable watchdog for controlling your hardware
  • ATX power supply control
  • Touchscreen control
  • Up to 4016 bytes EEPROM emulation for user data
  • MicroSD card control
  • Real-time clock with battery backup