Java VM on iLCDs

Display Computing without Operating System.

Program your iLCD with Java

Make your iLCD an active device with the help of the on-board Java Virtual Machine (Java VM). Design your HMI sequencing, carry out arithmetic operations, control your application directly with the iLCD without the need for an external controller unit.

No additional hardware is required. New iLCDs have the Java VM on board, existing iLCD hardware can be updated to get the Java VM on board. The compiled code is uploaded directly onto the display via the USB interface and runs on the integrated Java VM with minimized footprint. Remote debugging via the same USB interface avoids any additional hardware requirements.

Image shows iLCD Manager's complete Java development environment and an iLCD running the Java VM

Made from one piece: The iLCD product line and the iLCD Manager XE

demmel's iLCD Manager XE contains a complete Java development environment and integrates the necessary development

  • Java code editing with syntax highlighting
  • Build Java app and start debugging with one mouse click
  • Remote-debugging on the iLCD panel via USB

The on-board iLCD processor contains a stable firmware including the Java VM. Even previously acquired iLCDs can be
updated with the latest firmware version to make use of the Java programming option.

All the iLCD functionalities can be simulated in the iLCD Simulator which is an integral part of the iLCD Manager XE. The
iLCD Simulator opens in its own window and allows selection of all currently available iLCD panels.

Display Computing with Java

In addition to the convenient high-level commands, iLCDs are can be programmed with Java, the widespread object-oriented programming language familiar to most software developers. The iLCD Manager XE accommodates a complete Java development environment for editing, compiling and debugging state-of-the-art HMI applications. Java’s object-oriented approach is particularly suitable for user interface applications.

iLCD Manager's Java code editor with Auto Completion

Code editing

  • Auto complete classes and methods implemented by demmel products
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for activation and selection
  • Java syntax highlighting
  • Java control structure templates


  • Remote debugging via USB without extra hardware
  • Set arbitrary breakpoints
  • Define passcount for each breakpoint
  • Show breakpoints list, jump to corresponding source code line
  • Step into, step over, step out of commands
iLCD Manager's Breakpoints List
Variable Inspection with the iLCD Manager XE

Variable inspection

  • Add expressions to your watchlist to monitor their value
  • Debugger updates items listed when program execution pauses
  • Debug tooltips in decimal and hex