Performance-Sprung bei Intelligenten Displays

Long-term Partnerships & shared Growth

Our stakeholders hold the highest priority in our company. As a small business, we understand that our success depends on the success and satisfaction of our suppliers, customers, employees and their families, as well as external actors such as financial service providers and funding agencies. We have flat hierarchies, communicate on an equal footing, and follow an approach that involves everyone while no one is too proud to contribute.

Customers are Partners

In the B2B sector, communication and relationship building occur on a different level than in the B2C sector. We do not believe in the advantage of unequal knowledge and the resulting power imbalance in business relationships. On the contrary, our experience has shown that the better informed both sides are and the more straightforward and friendly the exchange, the more all stakeholders benefit. That is why we often see and refer to our customers as partners. Since the majority of them incorporate our HMIs and displays into devices that are resold, we are aware that this works most successfully when we approach projects as partners. The goal should always be to achieve the optimal outcome for all parties involved, which is why we act individually and flexibly. Do you need a display that is not in our portfolio? Contact us, and together we will find a solution. Do you need to adhere to certain cost constraints for a project? Let us know, and we will do our best to meet that target. The same applies, for example, to companies that want to take over hardware and/or software development themselves due to their growth or project volume, instead of relying on intelligent HMIs. For such cases, we are happy to serve as a partner for pure displays. We understand that requirements change, although we always strive to maintain the relationship. Only in this way can we retain our partners and achieve long-term growth together.


Customer Base and Applications

Our customers come from various fields such as mechanical engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering, and the automotive industry. Our iLCDs can be found in factories, laboratories, intensive care units, access systems, buses, charging stations, assembly ships, oil drilling platforms, and more.

The Essential Prerequisites

The owner and founder of the company is Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Demmel, who has over 35 years of practical experience in hardware and software development. The technical staff consists of specialists in the fields of electronics and computer science. System analysis, programming, electronic design and implementation, as well as quality assurance, are some of the areas of expertise in which our technical staff is proficient.

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