Performance-Sprung bei Intelligenten Displays

Time to Market

Time to Market is a concept that is now well-known in every business sector. The approach is undeniably logical - the faster I bring my (successful) product to the market to generate revenue, the more advantageous it is for the company.

High Expectations, Limited Manpower

In the industrial sector, where there are constant innovations and ever-changing requirements, this topic plays a particularly significant role. It is no longer sufficient to develop a high-quality application. Customers expect to receive these applications as quickly as possible, while the ever-growing competition is not idle. In recent years, the precarious labor market situation has exacerbated the situation. Finding capable developers, whether in hardware or software, is increasingly challenging, while existing development manpower is often already fully utilized.

Minimal Hardware Development Effort

By using our intelligent displays, we help our customers minimize their time to market. We offer all-in-one HMI solutions that include both hardware and software, allowing you to start building your application as quickly as possible. Our modules can control your applications, communicate with them, and display the corresponding data with exceptional clarity. The various interfaces for external connections are already present on our circuit board. The same applies to the components of the display driver, eliminating the need for you to worry about them. Our iLCDs are long-term available, mechanically and functionally robust, and versatile thanks to their easy integration. This significantly reduces the hardware development effort and minimizes the risk of necessary post-development hardware changes due to (unannounced) transitions in the display or touch components.

High-Level Instead of Low-Level

Of course, our iLCDs are also delivered ready to run on the software side. This means there is no need to start with tedious low-level programming because the drivers for the display, touch, and other functions are already implemented. Instead, developers can focus on application-specific design rather than devoting time to integrating the displays. In addition, we offer various free software tools that further reduce your development effort.

Efficiency Through and Through

Our iLCDs play a crucial role in limiting and making development effort predictable, as the effort is often reduced from several months or even years to just a few weeks. The use of iLCDs reduces development costs, shortens time to market, and simplifies complexity. Applications can be completed much earlier, customer expectations can be met, and (new) projects can be secured. This leads to faster revenue and increased sales, resulting in a significantly better cost-benefit efficiency than the higher purchase price of intelligent HMIs might initially suggest.

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